Saturday, February 26, 2011

lettuce leaf?

Well last night I didn't binge, but I felt like I kind of ruined my good day. By last night I mean around 1-2 am when I should have been asleep b/c I know better. This just reaffirms for me that I need to go to bed at 8 and wake up at 4-5 am like I used to. The problem is keeping that habit on weekends. HOWEVER the scale still saw fit to be -0.4 lbs this morning. Score.

I just got done reading Absolute Boyfriend Mangas XP I ordered the set from amazon when I stumbled upon them in B&N. I remember reading them with my friends in 7th grade and they were so cute and brought back memories ^^ You may all proceed to judge me. I think you will find I fit in the nerd category quite well.

I also finished this book:

Yeah I know the covers a bit off-putting and don't worry, the story is as well. But it was so good! I'd totally recommend it. Its about an hermaphrodite raised as a boy and hiding this girl inside and trying to find a balance between the two and its set in Labrador and the writing is so beautiful and prosaic and I really loved it. But then again I would. lol

Today I will probably hide in my room and read books and watch netflix and maybe do some writing. I've got this story in my head that is dying to get out but it doesn't seem to want to come quietly.

Oh and also I have therapy. THAT should be good. My mom looked at my food diary and said "hey, at least your eating" but my therapist will probably not be so kind. My mom has struggled with the same things I have her whole life and she understands how nothing can ever be right until you weigh what you want. So she doesn't interfere or support, she mostly stays out of it.

But I am having trouble making my therapist understand that recovery is not something I am after. Recover from Bulimia yes, recover from binge eating, yes. Recover from depression, yes PLEASE. But Ana and I are quite chummy and I am not giving her up.

p.s. i'd really like to start reading more manga. Anyone can recommend a good series? pleaseandthankyou.


  1. well good luck with ur therapy today hun i hope ur therapist tries to understand

  2. So much to say..... First off "Love song of J. Alfred Prufrock" is a HUGE favorite of mine! Also, good luck writing the story you have in your head out. I would like to do some writing too.

    I LOVE manga. I suggest bumming around these sites, etc.

    Series I recommend are:
    Skip Beat!
    Fruits Basket (It gets crazy and awesome in the later half)
    Tokyo Crazy Paradise
    Hoshi wa Utau
    Devil and her Lovesong
    Shinshi Doumei Cross
    Beast Master

    And many, many more. Let me know if you like any of these. I will be happy to suggest more or change my recommendations based on what you are into.

    Good Luck!

  3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a nerd. Although I prefer the term "geek," because of its literal definition (the people in carnivals who bit the head off live chickens).

    I'm totally reading that book, it looks awesome!


  4. OMG I've read Geek Love like 3 times, I LOVE that book!!! Have you read any of her other books? I tried reading Truck, but I just couldn't get into it. Might try again, as that was quite a few years ago...