Monday, February 14, 2011

then wear the gold hat it that will move her...

Ugh. Valentine's day fuckin' ASSAULTED my fast. People gave me candy and cupcakes and we had a party in Spanish class and there was pizza at work and Mom's BF is making tacos here. RAWR but it could have been worse. I could have binged. I have gotten away with pretty bare minimum. It will only stunt my weight loss. As if this whole weekend hadn't done that!

No matter. Tomorrow and Wednesday=fast. Preferably just water. But other zero calorie things if necessary. Thursday is an academic meet so I have to eat lunch with people. But that will be my only food that day. And Friday I made plans (last week when my eating was good) to meet up with friends at a pizza joint. So that will be my only food that day. And the fasting continues until I hit 99 lbs. And we'll go from there.

Poor J. At my school you have to submit Valentine messages to the Newspaper like 2-3 weeks in advance and he put one in for me. I'm sure he was embarrassed, but it only said Happy Valentines Day Ash, from J. Could've been worse. People kept pointing it out to me. I found it rather comical. God I'm a heartless bitch.

The sad thing is that I'm slightly proud of that fact.

All in all, I had a good day. I'm not one of those people who hates on Valentines day. Its not just about couples. It reminds me of all the friends and family who love me too. I made my mom this card:
and I wrote the message in calligraphy (gothic script). I also gave her a reese's peanut butter heart (the BIG kind) and made her a croquembouche for her and her boyfriend's Valentines day dessert. I know. I'm the greatest daughter ever. But its cool cuz my mom rocks.

I'm soooper tired. I slept 2 hours Saturday. And last night apparently wasn't penance enough. I am going to write up my chemistry lab and maybe read a bit and watch some BONES (i fucking love that show) and go to sleep. I have this new rule that I have to go to bed by 9pm. It helps with night-eating, a huge issue for me. I'm trying to move it up even earlier to 8 but its hard with me getting home 6-7 every day after work.

So tell me about YOUR valentines day XP

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  1. good luck on the fast! :)

    valentines day was just another normal day to me haha ^.^

  2. i love bones as well
    god i want doulbe digitd but my body is fighting me
    good luck on ur fast hunny
    me and teh boy dont celebrate vday

  3. That card is awesome. I should have given mum a card, but I always forget. She got me a Batman valentine card....