Thursday, February 24, 2011

que sera sera....

Wow. I feel really good. I've upped my dose of wellbutrin in recent days per Dr. Mom's orders and I just feel great. I've had damn near perfect eating the last few days and I should hit 99 in a few days here if I can keep it up. For example today i've only eating about 400 calories and plan on going to bed really soon.

Yesterday I went to bed at 8pm and slept in til 6. So upwards of 10 hours slept. THAT IS FUCKING UNHEARD OF IN MY HOUSE. I do not sleep. I either wake up 50x per night or never fall asleep or wakeup at 3 am and never sleep. I've been known to just say fuck it and pull an unintended all-nighter and then go to school like that. So i'm pretty giddy. Going to bed early = less time for eating.

I'm gradually going to start waking myself up earlier. If I keep going to bed at 8pm I should be able to start waking up at 4 am which is what my old schedule used to be last year. For some reason this school year screwed it up, but I really love waking up early. Something about being alone, in the dark of the morning. Its like nobody's home and the world is mine alone. I can pretend I live by myself for a little while.

Always a happy thought.

Ugh. that girl is texting me again. You remember (or maybe not) the one who like, stalks me? She caught me outside my class and handed me her new cellphone and asked me to put in my number. What was I supposed to do? This sucks. She texts me all the fucking time!!! I don't even like her! Like honestly, I can't imagine any scenario in which we would be friends. Its not like I think I'm better or anything, its just we have like, zero things to talk about, zero shared interests. And also, I'm pretty sure she is a lesbian.

Now before anyone goes all gay-rights on me, you should know that I have gay friends. Its just that none of them want to date ME. And all of my friends keep telling me that the amount of attention she pays to me is not just her being friendly. Oh dear.

Well its a good thing I'm about a foot taller than her. Kind of puts a damper on any of her would-be stalker plans in my paranoid fantasy world XP

ouch. long post. I obviously owe you guys some pictures.

oh the collar bones *heart*

you know you can.


  1. i love thepics
    and im so jealsou that u got that much sleep can u send some of that my way caus i never sleep either

  2. gorgeous, gorgeous thinspo.
    keep up the good work <3