Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Oh hello there ;-) My eating has been glorious the last 2 days. I got told to keep a food diary by my therapist after I got into an argument with mom b/c the woman came home with an entire Kangaroo gas station full of pink fluffy fatty processed CRAP with the words I WANT YOU TO BINGE AND BE FAT written all over it.

SO, i guess when you have a food diary and you KNOW someone will look at it you want it to be good. She says she wants to come up with an eating "plan" but i'm just going to keep on with my usual....like anyone here is going to stop me?

The last time I got down to 90 lbs no one cared...i wasn't that skinny. No one is going to intervene until i get down into the lower 80's....even then wtf are they going to do? My mom says she'd throw me in the hospital, but I swear she's bluffing. She has no follow through, never has.

Oh God I need 80 lbs.

Last few days=meh. stressing over what classes to take (calculus, physics, AP bio, ACK!). Yesterday I drafted my research paper, and I think it was pretty awesome. Its a literary analysis of allusion on MY FAVORITEST POEM EVER "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock". But there's that tiny part of me that thinks its total crap and I'm a terrible failure.

and now for the dance portion:

Sasha Pivovarova is my absolute, hands down, no contest FAVORITE thinspo/model ever.

mmmm, yes PLEASE XP

haha I just noticed all my pictures were of blondes.....


  1. it's kind of scary how much we're alike, haha. I want to be a psychiatrist, I cut, starve, & all of that. I have a therapist too, & am on Prozac. I feel like I can relate to you pretty much more than anyone else on here. I love your blog! What are your stats? xo A

  2. godi really need to lose weight
    i should start keepinga food dieary again and acutally b good about it

  3. haha geesh, I speak spanish too! Would you consider being ana buddies? or texting? You seem like someone who would give great support & I could really use it :/ well get back to me, xo A

  4. Ugh I hate when my mother buys me junk that she knows I can't resist (like Cocoa Pebbles >:O).

    Good luck with the food diary. I used to keep one, but ended up hurling it into the fire during a Bad Week last winter.


  5. Having a skinny bf (or in my case: hopefully soon-to-be bf) seems really to be good motivation.. I hope it can do the trick for me.

    I really should try to keep a food diary, too. seems to be a good idea!

  6. keeping a food diary sounds like a great way to keep on treak. I've only kept one once and like you since I knew someone was checking I was even more careful about what I ate.

    That sucks about the junk food :/ So much easier to avoid it when it's not sitting right there.

    ~ Harlow