Wednesday, March 2, 2011

lass uns laufen

quick post. mostly thinspo. I have nothing interesting to say really. except that I'm getting freaking serious and I'm tired of doing good all week and then screwing it all up on the weekend. Like i did last weekend. AND SO, i shall not be posting until I weigh 99 lbs. Which will not be long, as long as I am applied. I'll still be reading blogs and commenting, of course. And email, you can always email me for anything. Knowing I have you guys waiting on me will ensure that I make this happen.

Onwards and upwards darlings XP


  1. yay for pics
    o ima miss reding ur blog come back soon

  2. Hi! I'm new to reading your blog. Curious- what are your stats as of now? 99 pounds- you've got it!


  3. Kick-ass pictures! I especially want to take #5 home.

    How is it going so far? How ya doin'? Well I hope!


  4. ahhh weekends are so dangerous, mainly because they involve booze. and we all know how booze works on will power. It completely cancels it out :/

    ~ H

  5. Love the thinspo, especially the quote on the last one. I hate weekends, they're just a constant binge fest.
    Stay strong xxx

  6. OMG!!!! ASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hadn't checked my blogspot in a million years! Where have you beeeen?! Tell me you're still here! awiorjiosuhfoawhrioahjfoajcanljhsojfsin sihruishy

    How are you? I didn't know you had a new blog?

    I'm going to mail stalk you!!!!