Saturday, February 19, 2011

I learned my passion in the good old fashioned school of loverboys

gah! i thought they'd never leave! My friends came over to watch scary movies in my basement, b/c its all dark and awesome. Then everyone was such pussies about it! Except C, my guy friend I mentioned before. They all didn't want to watch something "really" scary and didn't wanna turn the lights off or anything! I FINALLY made them at least watch The Haunting in Connecticut, which is pretty scary. It makes me jump a few times, makes you not wanna look sometimes. Decent.

So while C and my girlfriend Y left between 5-6 window (everyone got here at noon, again, bunch of wimps) the other two didn't leave till now, 8 pm ish. I hate that. This is why I don't invite people to my house. How do you get them to leave?!

DING DING DING-you don't feed them.

Ha they still could have left earlier, like when we ran out of movies that anyone had the balls to watch and stupid things to chat about. But I could hear their stomachs. They invited me to go eat fast food, but I naturally declined.

Which brings me to my new plan. I will only eat safe foods. I will only eat when I'm hungry (and stop when full!). I will come in under 500 calories. 300 calories preferred. And I am not letting friends or anyone con me into "extras". When I say safe foods only, I mean it.

At this point I don't care how fast the weight comes off. When I try too hard to make impossible things happen, I make the situation worse. I will be happy as long as I am actively losing weight. Which I will be.

Lastly, thank you SO SO much Dani and Mich, for your kind words that I so needed to hear. XP

glam/fashion thinspo:


  1. People who refuse to watch scary movies the right way are lame. Why did they even bother if they didn't want to be scared? My sister is the same way.

    Not feeding people is exactly why I'm such a terrible host. I don't really understand the needs of others. Or maybe I just don't care that much.

    ahnyway, awesome thinspo pictures and best of luck keeping to the 'safe foods'. Don't forget to give yourself a treat every once in a while though. Binges can be really awful if you don't.

  2. How can you watch a scary film with the lights on?!? That's like base treachery. You should just do what I do--put on something truly horrifying and lie that it's not really scary, then get up and turn the lights off when everyone else is comfortable. <3

    I hate kicking people out, but sometimes I guess you just have to do it.


  3. Hey Ash*
    The ABC works wonders. I totally reccomend it, I'm halfway through it and already lost 4 kg! If you have anymore questions, holler!

    Stay strong and beautiful sweetie <3

  4. dude scary moives have to b watched witht eh lights off thats the only way to watch them
    o those crazy friends of urs

  5. ah what wimps! & I love that you didn't feed them, genius (: & love the idea about sticking to safe foods, I might have to try that. lovely post, xo A